Fr. Richard Tabarellli, CSS

Father Richard Tabarelli, CSS [1850- +1909] concluded the procedures of the approbation of the Stigmatine Institute by the Holy See.
He taught Philosophy and Theology to our professed students and in Roman seminaries, and was director of the Stigmatine schools of the Stimmate, that had been opened again for nine years. He was also a councillor and general procurator for several years. Pope Pius X defined him as “the glory of the Stigmatine Institute and the Church”.

Fr. Giuseppe Fiorio, CSS

Father Giuseppe Fiorio, CSS [1876- +1958] was general postulator for the cause of beatification of the Stigmatine Founder for many years.  He loved the congregation very intensely and wrote its chronicles, from the foundation until 1941 [Breve Cronaca].
As devout of St. Gaspar Bertoni, he transmitted his spirit by writing a very memorable booklet, in 1914. He also wrote the Founder’s biography (1922).


Fr. Giuseppe Stofella, CSS

Father Giuseppe Stofella, CSS [1885- +1966] was endowed with great intelligence and music talent.
In 1926 he began to research on the historical archives that substantiate all our Stigmatine life. His publications were numerous and of dense content. After 1952, retiring to Verona and Sezano, he began publishing his masterpieces: the Stigmatine Collectanea [Collectanea Stimmatina], Life of the Founder [Vita del Fondatore]  and Epistolary [Epistolario]. He had already published the “Pages of Christian Life” [Pagine di Vita Cristiana], in 1947.  He also composed the Hymn to the Holy Spouses.
He died in S. Leonardo nine years before he could see the most beautiful fruit of his labors: the beatification of Bertoni, for what he compiled and commented the Memoriale Privato
[Spiritual Profile] of the Founder.

Fr. Luigi Benaglia, CSS

Father Luigi Benaglia, CSS [1900- +1988] spent 10 years in studying the manuscripts of Bertoni, which he collected and reorganized.
He left a good memory of his ability as a professor, of his perfect musical talent and of his priestly ministry in the church of St. Pietro Martire.


Fr. Nello Dalle Vedove, CSS

Father Nello Dalle Vedove, CSS [1917- +2006] began early to collaborate with Fr. Giuseppe Stofella in the historical studies for the canonization of the Stigmatine Founder and other veronese founders.  He was able to bring to  conclusion the causes of beatification [1975] and canonization [1989] of the Stigmatine Founder.

Breve Cronaca

[A Brief Chronicle]
by Fr. Giuseppe Fiorio, CSS

English translation by Fr. Joseph Henchey, CSS


Memoriale Privato di Don Gaspare Bertoni

[The Spiritual Profile of Father Gaspar Bertoni]
With comments by Fr. Giuseppe Stofella, CSS

memoriale privato enmemorial privado ptbr
Englsih translation by Fr. Giancarlo Mittempergher, CSS [1992]Portuguese translation by Fr. Benedito A. Bettini, CSS

Pagine di Vita Cristiana

[Pages of Christian Life]
Edition and adaptation to the modern Italian by
Fr. Giuseppe Stofella, CSS

Portuguese translation by Fr. Benedito A. Bettini, CSS